Finding Data in the Data Library

A selection of previously-asked questions about finding data in the Data Library.

Please follow the links for more detailed answers. There is also section in the Data Library Tutorial that demonstrates methods of finding data that you may find useful as well.

You can find the data you are looking for in the following dataset:
In the IRI Data Library, we have a dataset called the World Oceanic Atlas 1998, which includes full-year, monthly, and seasonal climatologies of variables, including temperature and salinity.
SST data in the NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis dataset are included in the diagnostic surface temperature variable here:
Monthly and weekly sea surface temperature analyses at 1 deg. by 1 deg. resolution can be found here:
We have climatologies for net short wave radiation and net heat flux into the ocean.
There are various datsets in the Data Library related to the Earth Radiation Budget Experiment (ERBE) that include measures of albedo.
There are no datasets of station buoy data in the IRI Data Library, but there are ocean atlases which include buoy data in their analyses. There are station buoy data available from the National Data Buoy Center.
The Data Library contains hindcast velocity data for the Pacific Ocean in a Climate Modeling Branch dataset, but I don't believe that the CMB currently produces such data for the Atlantic Ocean.
The Data Library has two datasets with heating and cooling degree data information.
Elevation is one of the categories under which data can searched.
You can find forecast sea surface temperatures (SSTs) in multiple locations on our website.
I don't know exactly what kind of data you are looking for, but a good place to start in the IRI Data Library is with the Global Historical Climatology Network (GHCN) monthly station temperature and precipitation data.
In general, the IRI Data Library does not have data on that time scale.
Your best bet will probably be the daily First Order Summary of the Day (FSOD) from the National Weather Service.
In the IRI Data Library, we have gridded daily rainfall analyses from the Climate Prediction Center for the United States/Mexico region
I believe the data you are looking for can be found at CDIAC.
Most of the data sets in the Data Library are global or cover large regions. Very few are country-specific. However, you might still be able to find some useful data.
You can find the monthly Levitus dataset here:
Monthly NAO data from Jan 1950 to Dec 2001 can be found here
Unfortunately, the Data Library does not contain nautical maps and I am afraid that I am not aware of any websites where you can directly view nautical charts online.
The Global Historical Climatology Network will have what you need.
I suggest using the GHCN beta version 2 (prcp) dataset in the IRI Data Library to find the data in which you are interested.
The Data Library no longer has a dataset with PDO indices. However, you can find an updated PDO index at the University of Washington.
The data set you are requesting is not available in the IRI Data Library. However, it may be available from the World Data Center for Paleoclimatology at the National Geophysical Data Center.
Atlases of objectively analyzed salinity for the entire year, as well as individual seasons, for the world oceans at various depths can be found in the Levitus ocean Atlas.
I would suggest looking in the Global Summary of the Day data in our Data Library.
Of the datasets of which I am aware, the following one in the IRI Data Library comes closest to what you describe:
I suggest you start by looking at the Matthews Global Vegetation Index which shows where the rainforests are, among other things.
Within the IRI Data Library we have daily mean wind speed data for the years 1994-1999.
I would suggest you look at the following dataset: