How do I download a figure I have created in viewer?

When you are looking at the figure, make sure that you can see a table at the bottom of the page that includes the phrases "Just the Figure Formats" and "Just the Scale Formats" like this image does. If the table is not there (like this one), then click on the "more options" button in the table at the bottom of the page. You can save figures in four different formats: postscript, postscript with preamble, JPEG, and GIF. Click on the format that you want to use in the "Just the Figure Formats" line of the table. That will bring up the figure alone. You can then use the "Save As..." option under "File" on your browser to save the figure in the format you have chosen. To save an image of the scale that goes along with the figure, go through the same steps, but click on the "Just the Scale Formats" line.

-- Michael Bell