Province and District level boundaries for Africa.

Includes levels 1, 2. (provinces, districts).
Source: FAO Geonet, 2000 version

Title Sub-national boundaries of Africa (2000).
Date 2000-07-01, creation
Edition First edition
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Abstract Sub-national boundaries of Africa made by FAO-GIS in 1993 and updated for some countries in colla
boration with the Global Information and Early Warning System on Food and Agriculture (FAO Group) in 1999. Furthe
r amendments made by FAO-GIS from 1999 up to 2001
Supplemental Information Map created from various national and regional datasets. Latest update: the coast
line for South Africa has been corrected according to VMap0; Walvis Bay has been included into Namibia.
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Topic category boundaries
Free Keywords Sub-national boundaries
Place Keywords Africa
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Denominator 1000000
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West bound longitude East bound longitude South bound latitude North bound latitude
-17.3 51.1 -34.6 38.2
Begin date 1993-07-01
End date 2001-07-01
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Web links FAO/GIEWS - Map of Africa (GeoWeb Web System)
Data for download Sub-national boundaries of Africa (2000) shapefile
Interactive Map National boundaries of Africa (2000)
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NOTE: Eritrea districts and provinces updated by P. Ceccato

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